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Two Vertical Banners

$10.00 $4.99

These vertical banners look amazing in any youth room.

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Product Description

These vertical banners look great in a room that has 12ft ceilings. We have these banners hanging off a bannister, and it has turned our dumpy church into a space that is ours.   This is a 4ft by 12ft banner.  You can customize it however you need.  It comes in a adobe illustrator file, and everything on the banner as you see is it is editable.  This banner has two spots to show what is coming up mid week and events coming up month.  Again, you could change this to work however you need.


A 12ft by4ft banner over at banners on the cheap is only $45.20.  Totally affordable.  


NOTE: You are downloading Photoshop and Illustrator files.  You will need programs that open .ai and .psd files to be able to edit the files.


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